About Us

Our faculty conducts its services in the buildings of Balkan Campus in Trakya University.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students of our faculty study in the classroom block where 4 lecture halls are located with a capacity of 175 students; 4th, 5th and 6th classes receive applied training in 35 classrooms and services with capacity of 25 students within the Health Research and Application Center. Our students also continue their trainings in the student laboratories (Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histology, Physiology and clinical skills laboratories, anatomy dissection hall, and computer labs) andpractical halls within the Basic Sciences educationalfacilities consisting of 3 blocks with capacity of 40 students.

Board of Directors, Faculty Board, Ethics Committee, Specialty Education Coordinating Board, Department Board meetings and Doctoral examinations are performed in the 2 meeting rooms in the Deanship Building of our faculty, with the capacity of 10 and 20.

Academic board, scientific and ISO-quality meetings are held in Dean’s A Salon with capacity of 150 people located in Health Research and Application Center building. Additionally, practical skills courses are performed in the small hall with the capacity of 35 people.

Head of Department with its clinic and faculty members conduct their activities in the independent study room dedicated in outpatient clinic and services of Health Research and Application Center building.

There are student application laboratories located in 3 educational buildings (D1, D2 and D3 buildings) except Health Research and Application Center. There are also 90 study rooms used by faculty members and research assistants of the Departmentsin the Basic Sciences Division and those without a clinic in Medical Sciences Division. The total of these service areas is 1800 m2exceptforspace usedforpatient services.
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