Our History

Edirne Medical Faculty was established in 1974 as a branch of İstanbul University.In 1976, construction on the first buildings began. The faculty accepted its first students in 1974-1975 Academic Year and continued working under the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of İstanbul University until 1982.

According to the Government’s Decree No. 41, in 1982 Edirne Medical Facultyreceived a new name,Trakya University Medical Faculty, and it became part of thenewly established Trakya University. That same year twenty educational staffas well assupport staff moved to Edirne. The academic staff in the medical faculty included the founding Rector of Trakya University, Prof. Ahmet KARADENİZ, M.D; the Faculty Dean, Prof. İsmet DÖKMECİ, M.D; 3 professors, 8 associate professors and 7 assistant professors. Beginning in 1982-1983 Academic Year, medical education and health services were offered in Edirne, and then in June 1983 the staff opened a 50-bed hospital within Edirne Government Hospital.

Between 1984 and 1986 the faculty moved to their own buildings on what is now called Balkan Campus. At the end of 1999, a 105,000 m2 hospital building was finished and opened to the public. The Basic Sciences building, with its three sections, was opened in 2000, and the faculty had enough space toprovide its educational services.

Ourfaculty now has a 39-year history and currently has a staff of 529, which includes 97 professors, 60 associate professors, 47 assistant professors, 9 specialists, 1 lecturer and 315 assistants. Our faculty is continuing their work in 42 different departments, and they are also continuing to move into new areas.

In order to provide the best education, classrooms, computer laboratories and many other types of laboratories-especially clinical skills laboratories-have been built with the latest equipment. The Medical Faculty consists of Balkan Mental Health and Diseases Hospital, Balkan Oncology Hospital and University Hospital.

The Medical Faculty Hospital has developed to thepoint where it can provide up-to-date service in all major branches of medicine. Patient capacity has risen from 50 to 1042. The hospital uses the latest equipment, such as laser in eye surgery; gama-camera andPET/CT in nuclear medicine; CT, DSA and MR in radiology; endoscopy, a dialysis unit; DSA in cardiology; and the latest surgical procedures such as laparoscopic, microscopic and endoscopic surgery in operations. These health services are offered to allTrakyaregion. At the end of 1998, the faculty began performing heart and cardiovascular surgeries, even providing open heart surgery. At the end of 1999, the Radiation Oncology Branch also opened the LINAC and Cobalt-6o teletherapy unit with its therapy planning simulator. Children and adolescent intensive care units have been established and continue to offer their services. Another specialty of the faculty is its sleep laboratory, which is rare in our country.

The Renal Transplantation Unit initiated its service in 2010 and Infertility Unit is provided its services in 2013.

Our faculty aims to use its strategic position to serve the whole country, especially Trakya region. We also hope to work more with neighboring countries on scientific research, developing new projects in this area.

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